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State Youth JCDA Chairmen

and JCDA Counselors:

You are invited to join the


JCDA E-Mail Tree

Anyone who wishes to join feel free to do so.

Let's make this a method of sharing ideas,

asking questions and connecting with

JCDA Courts in other States.

If you wish to participate, email your name, your

e-mail address, the name and number of the

Senior Court, the name of the JCDA Court, the city

and state where you are located to:

Arline Rich, National Youth/JCDA Chairman

at: arline19@att.net .

Please enter: JCDA EMT in the subject line.

[per CDA National Quarterly, December 2016]

Tomorrow's promise lives in today's youth for they will be the leaders, the citizens and the church of tomorrow. In responding to their needs today, we shape a better future for all. It is the mission of the Youth Program to nurture personal and spiritual growth; to promote service to others and to foster an awareness and appreciation of diversity through a variety of suggested activities and experiences.

The Catholic Daughters established the Junior Catholic Daughter program in 1926. It is a program for Catholic girls from 6 to 18 years of age. The goals and objectives of the JCDA program are divided into a Threefold Program of: Message; Service; and Community. For information about the JCDA program, contact the National Catholic Daughter office.

The Youth are an important part of our organization. We as Catholic Daughters need to nourish the spirit of the youth to ensure the continued growth of the Catholic Church and our organization.

State Chairman:
    Renee Wert

National Chairman:
    Yvette Griego