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 RULES:  All entries must be of contestant's own imagination and reation

  • All entries in all categories are to reflect the chosen theme. There may be an excellent Art entry, but if it does not identify with the theme, it will not be a winner.
  • All entries are to be the original imagination of the participant. He/she should not look at a picture, statue, building, etc. and draw from what he/she sees. A participant needs to create an original idea for the entry. 
  • All rules apply to Local, State and National entries. Local, state and national education chairmen and all judges are not eligible to enter this CDA contest. Local and state officers may enter the contest IF they are not education chairmen. 
  • ​All Local Courts under the jurisdiction of a State Court send first place winners to the State Education Chairperson, using the "State Court Education Contest Cover Sheet". Only one first place winner per division, per category. Please do not send a first place winner to each theme, as both will have to be disqualified. LOCAL COURTS: DO NOT SEND DIRECTLY TO NATIONAL EDUCATION CHAIRPERSON, AS ENTRIES WILL NOT BE RETURNED If you have a State Regent. you have a State Court and a Stte Education chairperson, to whom the entries must be sent.
  • State Chairperson: Type handwritten first place Poetry and Essay Contest entries ​before sending to National. Glue or tape "2019 Education Contest Entry Form" to back of typed copy then staple original to typed copy. DO NOT use paper clips.
  • State Courts send first place winners only to National Education Chairperson, using the "National Education Contest Cover Sheet".. Only one first place winner per division, per category.
  • ​Be sure all winning entries meet contest rules.

ESSAY:    Typed only, not to exceed 500 words.

POETRY:  Any style of poetry, typed, not to exceed eight (8) lines.

Art:      Size: 8 1/2 x 11 No Lettering (your art carries the message). Do not put your name on the Art. How the theme is carried out in Art will be part of the judging, in addition to artistic talent. Medium: Crayon, markers, ink, paints, (water color, acrylic, oil) charcoal, pencil (black or colored), pastels (chalk) and duck tape.

Computer Art: Size: 8 1/2 x 11 No Lettering. Art must be artist's own creation and should fill the majority of the page. NO clip art or images imported from web sites.

Music:   Lyrics and notes must be on professional music score paper (melody, harmony and accompaniment, all of which must be notated accurately), and must be contestant's own creation. Please use composition music paper.CD (no Mp3, MIDI, or other electronic formats allowed) of the performance must accompany the entry using the music score paper. While the composition must be the contestant's own creation, the performer of the composition does not need to be the composer. No DVD.

    Size 8" x 10" picture depicting the theme. Do not add matting. Picture must have been taken by contestant. May not be a computer downloaded image or a picture of a picture. Can be color or black and white. Cannot be a collage.

Judges will use rules of Clarity, Grammar, Spelling, Interpretation of Theme and all peculiar rules in the categories listed above.


  1. Contestants may enter a category only once, but may submit entries in multiple categories. Contestants must be sponsored by a Local Catholic Daughter Court.
  2. Entries on other themes or not conforming to the rules will be disqualified.
  3. Entries will not be returned. All contest material becomes the property of the National Court with the right to display/and or publish any or all material.
  4. Decisions of the judges will be final. Judges reserve the right to make no award in a Division or Category. Commercial entries will be disqualified. Judging will be based on the Rubric Scoring provided.
  5. Each entry must be accompanied by a 2019 Entry Form properly signed and completed. Names must be legible. Forms are to be glued or taped to back of entry.


​​​2022-2023 Themes:

"We walk by faith, not by sight!" 2 Corinthians


"When do I have to lean on my faith more than sight?"

 ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---  ---
Art - Computer Art - Essay - Music - Photography - Poetry

Division I    Grades 4-5 (Art, Computer Art, Essay, Poetry)

Division II    Grades 6-7-8 (Art, Computer Art, Essay, Music, Photography, Poetry)

Division III    Grades 9-10-11-12 (Art, Computer Art, Essay, Music, Photography, Poetry

Division IV    Adult CDA members (Art, Photography, Poetry)


  1. Entries being submitted to LOCAL CORT chairperson must be handed in or postmarked by date set by the Local Chairman, but no later than February 1, 2023 Deadline should not be previous year.
  2. Local Deadline                                                                    
  3. Entries being submitted to STATE COURT chairperson must be postmarked not later than MARCH 1, 2023. States have the option of changing this date but keeping in the same year.
  4. Entries being submitted to NATIONAL chairperson must be postmarked no later than APRIL 1, 2023 

Entries being submitted to State Court Chairman must be postmarked no later than March 15, 2023.

Entries being submitted to National Chairman must be postmarked no later than April 15, 2023.

The one first place winning entry for each Category in each Division (either theme, not both) will be forwarded to the State Chairperson and the winning entries at the State level will be forwarded to the National Education Contest Chairperson.

Awards at the local level will be determined by the Local Court. 

Winning entry awards at the state level will be determined by the State Court.

               First: $30.00
               Second: $20.00
               Third: $10.00

National prizes for each Division are:
               First: $100.00
               Second: $50.00
               Third: $25.00

State Chairman:
    Amira Kutz
National Chairman:
    Darlene Moritz

Education info National website:

Microsoft Word - Packet 2 Page 1. 2017 Education Contest English.doc (catholicdaughters.org)