photo by Bonita Erickson

Friday Night

See who's who below.                                                    photo by Marty DeWitt

​photo by Kathy Kennedy    

North Dakota State Officers:

State Regent Laurel Ann Dukart

   1st Vice State Regent Mary Baer

      2nd Vice State Regent Bonita Erickson

         State Secretary Sue Judd

            State Treasurer Deb Johnson

Ct. St. Ann #261 - Fargo

     22 - Lupita Hagar Regent (D)

     30 - Tacita Splonskowski (D)

     20 - Patricia Mathern (D)

    11 -  Patricia Muldoon (D)

Ct. St. Mary #268 - Devils Lake

     17 - Marylin Aune Regent (D)

     25 - Char Kitch (D)

     27 - Rose Windjue (A)

     18 - Peggy Plemel (A)

Ct. Immaculate Conception #322 - Bismarck

     14 - Delores Friedt Regent (D)

     35 - Rita Mastel (D)

     15 - Loretta Duma (D)

Ct. St. Catherine #323 - Dickinson

     26 - Barbara Nelson Regent (D)

     21 - Daphne Hecker (D)

     34 - Jean Privratsky (D)

Ct. Marquette #677 - Grand Forks

     16 - Joan Scheett Regent (D)

     8 - Therese Linnertz (D)​

Ct. St. Veronica #1421 - Mott

    1 - Leona Friedt (NVD)

Ct. Cardinal Muench #1852 - Wahpeton

     23 - Mary Campbell (D)

     24 - Deacon Doug Campbell

D = Delegate

A = Alternate

​NVD = Non-Voting Delegate

 C A

57th Biennial National CDA Convention

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

July 17-22, 2018

photo by Lynn Feist

Saturday Night after Mass:

Laurel Ann Dukart, Mary Baer, Bonita Ericson, Sue Judd, Deb Johnson, Vickie Feist 

photo by Bonita Erickson

2020 Nominating Committee:[

from right to left]

Chairman Michele Sage, Rebecca Brown, Donna Daniel, Margaret Giordano, Bernice Lansing, Pam Melancon and Darlene Moritz.

Mary Ziesig and Laurel Ann Dukart are alternates.

photo by Marty DeWitt  

 Newly Installed National Officers:

National Secretary-Treasurer Susan Mone

First Vice National Regent Vickie Feist

National Regent Olga Samaniego

​National Regent Elect Sherry Nilles

Second Vice National Regent Emily Guilherme

Fun Night!

photo by Bonita Erickson

Martha Hamboussi, National Office Manager, with Laurel Ann at banquet.

​National Regent Olga Samaniego's theme for her two-year term is:

"Speak Lord, For Your Servant Is Listening"

Ct. Queen of the Prairies #1965 - Langdon

     29 - Linda Kempel Regent (D)

     12 - Margaret Chaput (D)

Ct. St. Gerard #2518 - Valley City

     13 - Renee Sue Wert Regent (D)

     33 - Karen Spenningsby (D)

     10 - Anne Wuolo (A)

     9 - Dolly Hoelmer (A)

Ct. Sts. Anne & Joachim #2638 - Fargo

     31 - Barbara Badinger Regent (D)

Ct. Holy Cross #2718 - West Fargo

     28 - Elizabeth Plemel-Scott Regent (D)

Enjoying the Saturday Night Banquet.

Special CDA Moms and Mother-in-Law

Delores Friedt & Leona Friedt   /   Elizabeth Plemel-Scott & Peggy Plemel   /   Dorie Baer and Mary Baer


 North Dakota Catholic Daughters of the Americas Website

North Dakota Attendees:



                32 - Claudia Bosch Past National Regent (D)

                *** - Margaret Sitte National Legislative Chairman

                       (*** = not in picture)

             State Board:

                2 - Fr. Frank Miller State Chaplain

                5 - Kathy Kennedy Immediate Past State Regent (D)

                3 - Laurel Ann Dukart State Regent (D)

                4 - Mary Baer 1st Vice State Regent (D)

               19 - Bonita Erickson 2nd Vice State Regent (D)

                7 -  Sue Judd State Secretary (D)

                6 - Deb Johnson State Treasurer (D)

 Thursday State Fun Night: ND at the Roll'n Pin Cafe / the Falls - CDA purple! 

photo by Bonita Erickson

Diane Meore, Secretary to Helene Shepard, National Regent, assisting Laurel Ann Dukart, ND State Regent, signing as alternate to Nominating Committee.




Kathy Kennedy


announcing the 2018-2020 Candidates for National Offices and

National Directors.