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2016-2018 CDA Membership Contest:    Go, Go! BOGO!

Contest Dates: August 1, 2014 to June 1, 2016

Goals:     Every member will participate in BOGO! Bring one; Gain one! 
                Every state will institute five new courts!


State Chairman
    Sue Judd-Dyrness

National Chairman
    Essie Walker



Catholic Daughter strong - thanks to our wonderful members!

  Recruitment Tools:  [order items below by clicking on Recruitment Tools]

  *Membership Drive Support Kit:
3-pocket plastic envelope containing:
      3 Recruitment Posters
    25 Invitations to Join
    25 Unity & Charity Brochures
    25 Top 10 Reasons Postcards
    25 Membership Applications
    A suggested bulletin announcement and message to use when speaking from the altar.

  *Spiritual Enhancement
brochure [25 brochures]

   A great tool for promoting CDA, educating fellow parishioners about our mission, and recruiting new  

   members! This new full-color brochure highlights the spiritual side of CDA and why it is integral to our


  *Invitation to Join

  *10 Reasons to Join Catholic Daughters

  *Ask Me About CDA

  *Membership and Extension 2011
DVD video

  *Unity & Charity