North Dakota Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Laurel Ann Dukart, State Regent
"Grant that we may be one flock and one shepherd. Do not allow your net to be torn, help us to be servants of unity."
                                                                                                                                                            Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Catholic Daughters of the Americas supports five special National Charitable Projects: Habitat for Humanity; Holy Cross; Laboure Society; SOAR! and National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

Ten National Charities are endorsed and supported by the Catholic Daughters of the Americas. They are: Apostleship of the Sea; Catholic Relief Services; Covenant House; Mother Teresa; North American College; Misericordia; Project Handclasp; Smile Train; The Disaster Relief Fund and Tutwiler Clinic.

CDA Programs

The seven spokes/points of the circle are: Education; Family; Leadership; Legislation; Quality of Life; Spirituality and Youth/JCDA.

The seven points selected indicate the needs of the Church and community best served by the Catholic Daughters.

The State chooses a State Project every two years at the Biennial State Conventions.