North Dakota "State Night:"

Seated: Rev. Frank Miller, Bonita Erickson, Barb Nelson,

Standing: Mary Baer, Marie Fichter, Kathy Kennedy, Claudia Bosch, Margaret Sitte

ND Convention Delegates:

           State Regent Kathy Kennedy 

           2nd Vice State Regent Mary Baer

           State Secretary Bonita Erickson

           Marie Fichter; and Barb Nelson.

Shirley Seyfried and husband Dave

Vickie Feist, 2nd Vice National Regent Kathy Kennedy, ND State Regent.


 North Dakota Catholic Daughters of the Americas Website

K.athy Kennedy receiving ND awards

from Shirley SeyFried

"Snow White" (Helene Shephard) and her seven dwarves.

"Leadership Skills"

Gloria Bosch, Past National Regent

(Banquet night)

Newly elected National Nominating Committee

Chairman: Kathy Kennedy, ND State Regent


North Dakota Catholic Daughters of the Americas Website

56th Biennial National CDA Convention
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
July 20-24, 2016