North Dakota Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Laurel Ann Dukart, State Regent
"Grant that we may be one flock and one shepherd. Do not allow your net to be torn, help us to be servants of unity."
                                                                                                                                                            Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Ct. Elizabeth Ann Seton #2122 celebrated their 40th Anniversary on Sunday, October 25, 2015.

Ct. Elizabeth Ann Seton  #2122 was established on October 28, 1975.

The  Court led the Rosary prior to Mass (as usual).. Then served a free egg bake meal after Mass for the whole congregation.

Regent Heidi Quinn also spoke during Mass about the history of our Court.

  photos by Sarah Gratton

*LaVern Holkup serving food 

Court Elizabeth Ann Seton #2122, Wilton - 40th Anniversary

*St. Elizabeth Ann Seton page of our scrapbook / *Sacred Heart page of our scrapbook

*Heidi Quinn at podium, telling congregation about the history of our court

                                                                                                                             photo by Courtney Gratton

Front L to R: Marge Conley, Ginger Hamman, Kathy Kennedy, Virginia Emineth, Bev Bergquist, Sharon Peiler.
Back L to R: Sarah Gratton, Amy Beehler, Cindy Opp, LaVern Holkup, LaVonne Hochhalter, Mary Ann Welder, & Heidi Quinn
Not pictured: Aggie Jennings, Beaudelia Katcher, Frances Krush, Germaine Schulz & Doris Martin

*Cindy Opp serving drinks