State Chairmen

Monica Schmitz, Harvey

National 1st Place Essay, Division 3 Winner

"Helping the Needy Where I Live"

Fr. Frank Miller showing off his knife skills!

Sue Petterson


Sherran Mayer

Youth / JCDA

North Dakota CDA History

front row: Bonita Erickson, Laurel Ann Dukart, Sue Judd

back row: Mary Baer, Deb Johnson, Fr. Frank Miller

Fr. Frank Miller, State Chaplain - future of ND CDA

Words of Wisdom:


Virginia Koble Past State Regent - History of ND CDA

Renae Sticka Past State Regent and

Kathy Kennedy Immediate Past State Regent speaking on past State Projects

Celebrating 100 Years of North Dakota Catholic Daughters of the Americas

​​Sarah Gratton

Quality of Life




 A          K

  L           S

   L           H



Fr. Michael Schommer, Past State Chaplain - more history highlights.

Leadership - Mary Baer, 1st Vice State Regent

Angela Scheett


State Regent Laurel Ann Dukart - Robe Protocol

Fall Workshop/ 100th State Court Anniversary Sept 30, 2017 in Harvey

Bonita Erickson, 2nd Vice State Regent, explaining CDA Jeopardy - Some of these Jeopardy questions are difficult!

North Dakota Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Laurel Ann Dukart, State Regent
"Grant that we may be one flock and one shepherd. Do not allow your net to be torn, help us to be servants of unity."
                                                                                                                                                            Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI