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The North Dakota State Court was organized on January 1, 1918.
At that time, the five Local Courts established were:
Court St. Elizabeth #170, Minot [March 17, 1912]
Court St. Ann #261, Fargo [April 25, 1915]
Court St. Mary #268, Devils Lake [December 5, 1915]
Court Immaculate Conception #322, Bismarck [October 9, 1917]
Court St. Catherine #323, Dickinson [December 8, 1917]

Currently there are 21 Local Courts and 2 Junior Courts in North Dakota. Newest Local Court is Ct. Our Lady of Grace #2769 in Watford City. Newest Junior Court is under Ct. Immaculate Conception #322 in Bismarck.

North Dakota is proud of Past National Regent Claudia Bosch 2006-2008. Claudia is a member of Court Saint Catherine #323, Dickinson.

State Regents: 

Current and twenty-sixth State Regent Mary Baer is serving her second term. For the list of all State Regents past and present, please click on State Regents.

Local Court Symbols:

(as told by Leona Czapiewski, Past Regent Court Marquette #677)

At each ND State Biennial CDA Convention, local courts bring a symbol that represents their court. When the symbols are presented, a court member explains its meaning and how it relates to their court. Currently these symbols are presented and displayed in the convention meeting room, for viewing throughout the convention.

The presentation of court symbols started at the 32nd Biennial North Dakota State CDA Convention “The Praying Family” hosted by the members of Court Marquette #677, Grand Forks May 3-4, 1980. At that time, the ND State Regent was Pat Stern and  Leona Czapiewski was Regent of Court Marquette #677. 

While planning the convention, Regent Czapiewski thought it would be nice to focus on unity and charity and special things the Courts were involved with over the past two years. Prior to the convention, Regent Czapiewski mailed letters to other local court regents, requesting each court bring a symbol representing a charitable work that represented their court. Rev. Joseph Senger, Chaplain for Ct. Marquette #677, allowed these symbols to be laid at the altar – this was done by a local court representative in procession during offertory. Symbols continued to be laid at the altar through the 2009 convention.

By sharing our court projects and interests, we are united in charity on our journey in faith.

Membership Trophies:

The North Dakota State Court awards two membership trophies at each Biennial State Convention.

Membership numbers are counted. from April of the year of the last biennial convention

through March of the year of the current convention.

                                                                                            The Selma Carufel Membership Trophy
                                                                                            This trophy is awarded to the Local Court

                                                                                            with the greatest percentage increase

                                                                                            over the two-year period.

                                                                                            Court Holy Cross #2718 (with 24 new members)

                                                                                            is the 2023 recipient of this trophy.

                                             The Claudia: Bosch Membership Trophy:
                                             This trophy is awarded to the Local Court

                                             with the greatest number of new members

                                             over the two-year period.
                                             Court Saint Therese #958 is the 2023

                                             recipient of this trophy. Court Saint Therese

                                             welcomed 28 new members. Well done ladies!

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