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Sitting left to right::

Stacy Gallagher, Dorothy Monger, Mone Thompson, Janet Stoner, Delores Rod 

Standing left to right:
Peggy Haga, Barb Cook, Valerie Schmidt, Kim Bickler, Ann Thompson, Kathy Binde, Evelyn Nelson, Sandra Schilker and Larry Schilke

Some of the Cooks!

Dorothy Monger   -->   -->  -->  -->  -->  -->  

       Barb Cook           -->   -->   -->   -->   -->

              Janet Stoner         -->   -->   -->   --> 

                     Mone Thompson  -->   -->   -->

                            Valerie Schmidt      -->   -->  

                                   Rosemary Hoover   --> 

Court Saint Therese #958, Williston

  Banquet West - Community Project

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The town of Williston started this community project " Banquet West" a few years ago. There are a lot of men working in Williston without their families. Several churches collaborated and started a free meal for anyone on Sunday night. Catholic Daughters, Ct. St. Therese #958 serves one meal a year for this. The Court plans, buys, makes and serves the meal. Between 75 and 100 people are served. The meal is dished up and served like in a restaurant - but it is a 'home-cooked meal. Around 20 CDA members help.