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                                                       At the Synod of Bishops held on the command of Pope Francis                                                         at the XIV Ordinary General Assembly in Vatican City June 23, 2015,

                                                       our Holy Father stated that "The family is truly the 'school of 

                                                       humanity' which is much needed today." He called upon the Synod

                                                       of Bishops to reflect upon the critical and invaluable reality of the


     The National Board of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas reflected on the words of Pope Francis and added the Family spoke of the Circle of Love in 2015. Goals for the Family spoke are: Supporting the role and dignity of the family and discerning ways the Church and society can renew a commitment to the family founded upon the marriage between a man and a woman.

                    State Chairman:
                         Bonita Erickson


                    National Chairman:
                         Connie Dronette