2016 Fall Workshop

Hosted by Court St. Cecelia #362, Mandan

St. Joseph's Church

Saturday, October 1st

Highligts of National Convention - 

                Bonita Erickson, State Secretary

Mary, Our Patroness

Financial Report -

                   Sarah Torpen, State Treasurer

"Almost looks like  =>

   North Dakota,     => =>

      doesn't it?"          => => =>

Kathy Kennedy, State Regent

How to make a "motion" -

        Angela Scheett, Parliamentarian

"Snow White" and the Seven Leadership Skills 

Kathy Kennedy

            State Regent

Youth -

        Sherran Meyer, Youth Chairman

Legislation -

     Margaret Sitte, Legislation Chair

National Supervisor -

     Vickie Fiest, 2nd Vice National Regent

Fr. Frank Miller, State Chaplain

By-Law Changes (from Nat'l Conv)​ -

                Mary Baer, 2nd Vice State Regent

Workshop Attendees


 North Dakota Catholic Daughters of the Americas Website

Thank You, Ct. St. Cecelia #362

                                 for hosting the 


                                      a tasty lunch                                                          and breaks!​                                                       ND State Board and

                                     Workshop Attendees