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Robe Protocol

The robe of the State Regent is gold with a white stole. The crossed gavels (purple) on the left sleeve are a symbol of her status as leader of her state.
The robe of the 1st Vice State Regent is also gold with a white stole. The emblem on her left sleeve, a crown (purple),, designates her as the second in command in her state.

The robe of the 2nd Vice State Regent is liturgical red with a gold stole. The crossed spears (purple) designate her as the third in command in her state.     

The robes of the State Secretary and the State Treasurer are the patriotic color blue, with gold stoles. The emblem of the State Secretary is a crossed-key and quill (both gold) The quill is the symbol of a scribe - a record keeper - one who writes letters, documents, etc. The State Treasurer's emblem is crossed keys. The key has always been associated with offices concerned with the safeguarding of the funds.

The robe of the District Deputy is black and white with a stole of red. These colors signify the judicial nature of the office.

The penitential color purple is included in the robes of the two principal Court officers, those of the Regent & Vice Regent). The use of purple indicates the willingness of the leaders to sacrifice so that the Order may contribute to the program of the Apostolate of the Laity as directed by our Church Leaders. The official emblem of the Order, the cross and crown, is on the sleeve of the Regent's robe, and a crown is on the sleeve of the Vice Regent's robe.

The robes of the Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary and the Treasurer are the patriotic colors of red, white and blue. The emblem of the recording Secretary, crossed quills is symbolic of her responsibilities for letter and document writing as well as keeping the history of the Court through the minutes. The emblem of the Financial Secretary is a crossed key and quill symbolic of her duties of keeping membership and financial records of the Court. The Treasurer's emblem of crossed keys is symbolic of her duty to safeguard the funds.

The official robes of the Catholic Daughters for National, State and Local Court officers add dignity to every occasion. The effect is valuable for Court ceremonies since each robe demonstrates the symbolic meaning of the various offices and the responsibilities entailed. CEREMONIAL DRESS CODE for front Home Page of Web.pdf (catholicdaughters.org) 


* Robes are to be worn with dignity and respect. Robes are to be clean and well pressed.

* Robes are to be eleven inches from floor (this is accomplished by hemming rob wearing the white shoes you will be wearing for the ceremonials). Please remember dress must be shorter than robe:

* White shoes are to be worn with robes at all times. Shoes are preferably closed-toed. No flipflops to be worn. Tennis shoes only if medically required.

* Wearing stockings is optional. Wear nude or skin tone colored stockings - no white, black, off-black or navy blue.

* Small stud earrings are allowed, no larger than the ear lobe. Rings and watches are allowed with robes.

* Handbags are NOT to be carried when in procession with robe.

* Slacks are NOT to be worn with robes at any time.

* Chapel veils may NOT be worn with robes at any time.

* Robes are not worn outside, unless you are in procession.
   * As soon as you leave the church, remove your robe and carry it folded over your arm.

* Do not pin corsages, memberships pins, or name tags to your robe.

     Robes are heavy and tend to slip backwards.

     When you stand, straighten the robe so that it is in the proper position on your shoulders.
     When you are issued a robe as a new Court officer, do not allow the robe to be cut when having it hemmed.
     Hemming tape and machine stitching can leave permanent marks on the robe.


The robes of the National Regent, the National Regent-Elect, the 1st Vice National Regent, 2nd Vice National Regent, and the National Secretary-Treasurer are white with a gold stole.

The robes of the National Directors are white with purple stoles. 

The white emphasizes loyalty; the gold - integrity; the purple - willingness of the officers to make sacrifices through service.

The emblem on the sleeves of the National Officers' and the National Directors' robes is the official symbol of our Order - the Cross and the Crown.