North Dakota Catholic Daughters of the Americas
Kathy Kennedy, State Regent
"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven."
                                                                                                                                                                                   Matthew 5:16


  Front Row, Charter Members: Doreen Dettler, Judy Illerbrunn, Edna Rose, Annabelle Sauer.

  Row 2: Margaret Chaput (Ct. Regent), Bev Gellner, Dorothy Kroetsch, Doris Borho, Sheila

               Vandal, Mary Louise Sharkar, Mary Ann Hall, Min Gette, Lisa Bodnar.

  Row 3: Bonita Erickson (State Secretary), Laurel Ann Dukart (1st Vice State Regent),

               Kathy Kennedy (State Regent), Joan Hiltner, Elaine Hill, Jean Westphal,

               Patricia Bata, Bev Otto, Linda Kempel.

  Row 4: Rev. Steven Wirth, Dennis Horpestad, Gerald Delvo, Jeff Kram, Randy Bata,

               Cory Hoffarth, Jeremy Schuler.

  Row 5: Randy Hill, George Podhradsky, Daryl Kempel, Lavern Chaput, Carl Hoffarth,

              Todd Gette, Rev. Phillip Ackerman.


  Front Row, Sheila Vandal, Judy Illerbrunn, Annabelle Sauer, Doreen Dettler, Edna Rose,

               Dorothy Kroetsch, Mary Ann Hall.

  Row 2: Min Gette, Mary Louise Shankar, Geraldine Waltz, Joan Hiltner, Marjorie Mikkelsen,    

               Bev Gellner, Elaine Hill, Margaret Chaput, Rev. John Kizito (Walhalla).

  Row 3: Rev. Michael Schommer, Linda Kempel, Jean Westphal, Doris Borho, Bonita

               Erickson, Bev Otto, Lisa Bodnar, Carla Horpestad, Rev. Phillip Ackermann.

Court Queen of the Prairies #1965, Langdon - 50th Anniversary


Ct. Queen of the Prairies #1965 celebrated their 50th Anniversary.


Ct. Queen of the Prairies #1965 was established October 30, 1966.


Celebratory meal was prepared & served at St. Alphonsus by 8th graders, their parents and teacher.