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Catholic Daughters of the Americas

The North Dakota State Courtwas organized on January 1, 1918.

At that time, the five Local Courts established were:
Court St. Elizabeth #170, Minot [March 17, 1912]
Court St. Ann #261, Fargo [April 25, 1915]
Court St. Mary #268, Devils Lake [December 5, 1915]
Court Immaculate Conception #322, Bismarck [October 9, 1917]
Court St. Catherine #323, Dickinson [December 8, 1917]

Court Our Lady of Grace #2769, Watford City is our newest court, established March 27, 2021.

Under the patronage of the Blessed Mother, the Catholic Daughters of the Americas (CDA)

are united by their faith in Jesus Christ, in their devotion to the Church and the Holy See.

ND Catholic Daughters of the Americas


ND State Court Organized:

January 1, 1918

Local Courts: ​        ​21

Junior Courts: ​        ​ 2

State Regents

"While true Catholic womanhood stands, the world will stand, with a foundation beautiful, firm and immovable, absolutely impervious to decay."

John E. Carberry, First Supreme Regent

Who We Are
    CDA is one of the oldest and largest organizations of Catholic women in the Americas, dedicated to strengthening their spiritual life thorough Christ and His Church, the Catholic Daughters of the Americas was founded in 1903 by the Knights of Columbus in Utica, New York. We are organized in 42 states, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the Virgin Islands, Guam and Kenya.
    Catholic lay and religious women 18 years of age or older, who love and support the Church and wish to participate in social and charitable activities are welcome to join.
    Junior Catholic Daughters of the Americas (JCDA), our national youth program for girls age 6 through 18, was founded in 1925.

Why join Catholic Daughters?
    By giving of you time, talent, ideas, knowledge, dedication, and enthusiasm, you'll receive spiritual enrichment, leadership skills, affirmation, community, broadened horizons, and a marked sense of accomplishment.
    * to strengthen you spiritual, social, and missionary life, through

the 'Circle of Love' program
    * "Unity and Charity" - Catholic Daughters of the Americas motto
    * fellowship with other Daughters who share like values, working hard for their parishes and communities
    * you were asked by a family member, a friend, a Church member, etc.
Joining the Catholic Daughters of the Americas is a wonderful gift from God. As Daughters we experience the opportunity to give and to receive.