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Webmaster's Comments

 by: Laurel Ann Dukart


My hopes for 2023 are that we accentuate the positive in our lives - each and every day!

Here are some thoughts of what we can do daily to make this world a better place. These can be started anytime (not just on January 1st).

  1. Start a"something good" jar / journal - (heard this on a couple of talk shows) at the end of each day write down a few good things that happened that day, toss them into the jar. At the end of the month/year take them out and read all the good things that happened in your life.
  2. Keep a "brings me joy" photo album (got this idea from my oldest niece, Heather.) Each day choose a picture that brings you joy. Share the photo (and why it brings you joy) with others. My niece shares hers on Facebook (text's my brother).
  3. "Tell me something good!" (from radio program Bobby Bones) Each day they talk about something good that a listener sent in or that happened to them.
  4. Start a"good deed" marble jar - when you do something good for someone, drop a marble into the jar. At the end of the month/year, see the good you have passed on.

I hope to see many of many of you May 5-7 at the ND State CDA Convention in Belfield. State conventions are a great time to get to know our CDA sisters and share in spirituality, like beliefs, and CDA! I recommend Local Courts and members to get as involved:

     * Enter the Education Contest - I challenge all members to submit an entry in the adult division. I plan on submitting at least one.

      * Fill out and submit Circle of Love forms - each Local Court does so much - time to let the rest of us know what your court has been up to.

     * Plan on attending (if it works with your schedule) - it would be great to have delegates and attendees from all Local Courts.

In Unity and Charity, 
Laurel Ann Dukart, Webmaster

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